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Magical Writing

Frater Vameri

Image by Anja at Pixabay

It is not always easy to sit n front of the computer to write an article. It always requires time, some dose of inspiration and na extra amount of time that is difficult to count, which is the time in which we dedicate ourselves to reading, studying and practicing. Various skills are required to write an article and some degree of maturity is required to write an original and good article. It is obvious, therefore, that I am not always able to reach the level of quality that I find ideal. This could frustrate me, but when I understand writing as a magical act, things change.

Language and reasoning demand orders and approaches. What does that mean? In practice, it means that it is necessary to design (even if it is mentally) what will be written and how it will be written. Not that this requires extensive planning, as it can be almost intuitive, but it is a process that is there and that happens. Thus, simply throwing random letters on paper and random ideas will never make a text. Let's say that letters are put into words and ideas in a certain order, yet there will be a lack of cohesion and connections. In other words, writing requires a specific ritual.

I envision writing for the OTOA-LCN website as a ritual and as a magical routine. It may seem strange, but from the texts I write (although I am sure it is not obvious to anyone) I ask particular questions. So, yes, writing is a magical act and it is a ritual and brings transformations.

I believe that one of the greatest signs of maturity for a magic practitioner is when he manages (without paranoia) to live magic as a structuring and inseparable aspect of his life. This, of course, does not mean (and does not just mean) doing elaborate rituals every day and meditating for hours while balancing on one foot. Although there are important techniques, being an expert technician will not make anyone a magician. For it is necessary to change the conscience, the point of view and the way of looking at things.

In other words, writing these articles that can well be considered spells is a structuring act for me. Fundamental part of my practice and my life. As I already warned, it is not always easy. However, even when a postulant is asked to do the simplest of exercises on a daily basis, it is known that he will fail. So, I also fail here, but my failures are fuel for a new fire. It is with this fire that I renovate myself.

Now, but this article is not a mere outburst. In fact, it is an incentive. To the readers of this site I would like to offer the following suggestion: write. Write now and then as if it were a ritual. Order the text, build it and think about the result and how to get there. It is evident that there is magic in everything, so write magically.

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